Vitelity SIP Trunking

Reduce expenses and enhance employee collaboration with Vitelity‘s SIP service.

More than a PBX phone system, Vitelity‘s SIP service gives businesses anytime-anywhere access and improves user functionality while providing a cost-effective way to integrate new technology into legacy phone systems. With integrated voice and collaboration tools in the cloud, you can forget about expensive onsite phone equipment.

Vitelity enables older systems without native SIP capabilities to use SIP trunk services, which can connect to the network and integrate with additional features such as SMS, vFax, and global DID origination.

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With Vitelity Link service, you won’t see any hidden setup fees or long-term contracts. The service is pay-as-you-go and we even include a 30-day money back guarantee (minus any usage) if you are not completely satisfied.

Link Link Plus
$1.49/month plus usage $7.95/month
  • Lowest pricing plan
  • All inbound calls billed at just 1.2 cents/minute
  • E911 billed separately
  • Requires $1.00 activation fee/number
  • Includes 4,000 inbound minutes
  • Includes 4 channels
  • Domestic outbound calls metered at 1.44 cents/minutes
Link PRI (Channelized Inbound Voice Service)
  • vPRI channel with unlimited inbound minutes (minimum of 2 channels per vPRI)
  • vPRI local DID = $1.00/month with no activation fee
  • Add more channels instantly in the Vitelity customer portal
  • Volume discounts available as low as $17.34 per channel

*Note: With Link vPRI, you can add as many unlimited voice channels (CCS) as you want with no restrictions on the number of local DIDs provisioned to the vPRI. In addition, you can have more than one vPRI on your account. You can decide what numbers go to a specific group of vPRI channels.

Phone Numbers Monthly Rate Usage Rates and additional information
local numbers - USA, Canada, Puerto Rico $1.49 1.2 cents per minute. $1 per number one-time activation fee applies
Toll Free Numbers - USA and Canada $1.49 2.4 cents per minute (USA/Canada),
vFax Numbers - USA Only $3.00 3 cents per minute (in/out). See vFax page for additional pricing options
Local Numbers- International View Rates Varies by country
Toll Free Numbers- International N/A Contact Vitelity sales
Phone Number Add-On Services Monthly Rate Usage Rates and additional information
E911 Registration - USA and Canada $1.49 Per number. Note: Required on at least 1 number per location
SMS Text Messaging - USA and Canada N/A 1.0 cents per inbound text , 1.0 cents per outbound text
SMS Text Messaging - International N/A 4.9 cents per text to most international numbers
Inbound Caller ID with Name (CNAM) $1.10 Unlimited ($1 per month) OR pay per query at 1.1 cents per “dip.”
Outbound Caller ID with Name (LIDB) $0.00 $10 one-time activation fee
411 Directory Assistance N/A 99 cents per call
411 Directory Assistance Listing Service N/A $5 one-time activation fee per number
Number Portability - Local, Toll Free, and vFax N/A $5 per number. Bulk disounts available
Outbound Call Termination Services Monthly Rate Usage Rates and additional information
US48 and Canada N/A 1.44 cents per minute
Hawaii N/A 1.44 cents per minute
Alaska N/A
Puerto Rico N/A
All other international destinations (including caribbean) N/A View Rates on website
Domestic LCR Rate Decks N/A Contact carrier sales
International (A-Z) LCR Rate Decks N/A Contact carrier sales

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