3CX WebMeeting

Save time and money by hosting virtual face-to-face meetings using 3CX’s easy-to-use video conferencing solution.

3CX’s easy-to-use video conferencing solution, 3CX WebMeeting, harnesses Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology, which enables video and voice communications to take place through the internet browser. This means that participants will be able to seamlessly join meeting without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins.

Holding webinars or video conferences can be a stressful experience, especially when the user faces technical difficulties even just setting up the call. With 3CX WebMeeting, all 3CXPhone users can launch a video conference in a few simple steps.

Fully integrated with 3CX Phone System, 3CX WebMeeting is delivered as a hosted add-on, meaning 3CX customers can easily enjoy the web conferencing feature without installing additional server hardware or requiring additional bandwidth. While meeting setup and configuration takes place locally, the actual meeting is streamed via our data centres, saving you the need for additional bandwidth.

Highlights of Jomar’s 3CX WebMeeting:

  • Clientless
  • One-click conference
  • Interoperability with VoIP and video
  • Bandwidth management and control
  • 3CX customers are automatically licensed to hold web meetings
  • A low yearly cost, offering excellent value for money
  • Straightforward pricing, meaning no hidden costs
  • No per User Licensing


3CX Remote Working Capabilities

Thousands of employees across the globe connect remotely to their place of employment every day.  In times of crisis businesses lacking remote working capability software can find themselves unprepared to keep their business operations running.

When crisis prevail, such as the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, your business may not be able to allow employees into the office and unable to allow them to work productively from home. Jomar’s 3CX Phone System includes remote working capabilities to provide remote work solutions to ensure your business operations remain up and running.

Don’t be left scrambling to find a remote work solution. No matter how big or small your company is, the right Unified Communications solution can take your business communications to the next level, helping to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience.

Why 3CX for remote working?

There are many solutions on the market, many of which are either extremely costly or have significantly limited free versions. Not only can you get a full-featured web conferencing solution, but 3CX is also much more stable. Remote workers can make use of the 3CX phone system and its features, such as status, instant chat, the live website chat, web client and smartphone apps, to keep in touch with colleagues and customers. The 3CX WebMeeting feature also allows your employees to meet face to face and collaborate with features such as whiteboard, PDF sharing, polling and more. And, with integrated WebRTC technology, they can easily create meetings within their browser with no need for any downloads or plugins.


3CX Remote Working Features
Stay connected with colleagues and customers:

  • Employees can set their availability status
  • Instant chat with colleagues—send text messages, links and more at no additional cost
  • Live website chat—chat with website visitors, real-time
  • Web client phone with click-to-call functionality
  • Smartphone apps—take your office extension with you anywhere
  • Meet face-to-face virtually—hassle-free video conferencing
  • Collaborate with colleagues
    • White board
    • PDF sharing
    • Polling
    • Screen sharing
    • And more!


More reliable and bug-free WebRTC solution

In particular, a WebRTC bug, that has been prevalent amongst many solutions as of late, has caused headsets not to work and audio issues for WebRTC-based products. This bug has affected everything from Google Hangouts to Meet Duo, with open source projects like Jitsi not faring much better. 3CX has addressed this bug in the 3CX WebMeeting platform, making it more stable than other solutions, which of course is crucial in any working environment, but especially in times of crisis.