3CX Softphone

Features of 3CX Softphone for Windows

  • Compact Windows System Tray Applet
  • Tunnel all VoIP traffic over a single port
  • Place and transfer calls
  • Shows incoming calls, Caller ID, and Personal Call History
  • Divert calls to voicemail
  • TAPI Driver for integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Queue monitoring
  • Shows status of other extensions
  • Run as presence monitor in combination with deskphone

Features for 3CX Softphone Apps for Android and iOS

  • Extremely reliable calling from over 3G or any Wifi hotspot
  • Most advanced and reliable Android and iOS VoIP clients on the market
  • No additional licensing costs for softphones
  • “Push” notifications to save mobile battery life
  • Built-in SIP tunnel/proxy resolves any remote firewall issues
  • Make and receive calls from your smartphone at no cost
  • Set your status to Available, Away, and Out Of Office
  • One number concept
  • See the presence of your colleagues from anywhere
  • Remotely configurable via email
  • Easy to setup conference calls
  • Fully integrated
  • SIP Forking lets you use all clients simultaneously