Hikvision Video Surveillance

Cover large areas and capture every detail with the No.1 leader in cutting-edge CCTV and video surveillance equipment worldwide.

It started with cutting-edge technology: high-definition IP cameras, digital video servers, hybrid and standalone DVRs, NVRs, speed domes, encoders, and decoders. Fortified by one of the largest R&D teams in the video surveillance industry, the innovation behind its products quickly made Hikvision the No.1 video surveillance equipment provider in the world, according to IHS Markit.

A total solution provider, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of video surveillance products and solutions for a broad range of industries, including retail, education, and many others. Whatever the scope or requirements of the application, Hikvision has a user-friendly, highly scalable product to meet those needs.

Ideal for enterprises that require high-performance surveillance technology and storage capacity, Smart Pro IP solutions bring intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to video surveillance. The camera styles vary from indoor and outdoor domes, bullets, turrets, covert, fisheye models, and various PTZ options. Key features include high resolution up to 12 MP, 180˚ panoramic viewing, smart analytics, and H.264+ compression.

High-Definition 12 MP Cameras for Superior Detailed Imaging

Hikvision’s new 12 MP High Definition (HD) cameras provide amazing 4000x3000 pixel array for superior image definition and color rendition. They comprise of stunning HD cameras that are well-suited to the most demanding applications.

The DS-2CD4AC5F-IZH Bullet is a camera with built-in motorized zoom lens, 120dB Wide Dynamic Range, and EXIR IR illumination up to 50 meters (165 ft). The outdoor DS-2CD45C5F-IZH Dome model also comes with motorized zoom lens and IR illumination up to 40 meters (130 ft). The DS-2CD63C2F-IV Fisheye model offers full 180° and 360°(wall-mounted) viewing.

A close companion product is the new I-Series Pro and Value NVRs, which are reliable additions to IP security systems that require ultra-high performance at an economical price. These NVRs support recording of up to 12 MP camera resolution, Ultra High Definition (UHD) output up to 4K, and storage capacity up to 24 TB. The recorder offers up to four SATA interfaces and one eSATA interface for recording and backup. It features Hikvision’s unique optimized H.264+, H.265 and H.265+ compression, increasing storage space by 50-70%.

4K (8 MP) Smart PTZ Dome with Extended IR

Hikvision has introduced a longer ranged IR version capable of extending the nighttime reach of the PTZ’s 36x lens to more than 1,500 feet. Featuring laser IR illumination, the new DS-2DF8836I5V-AELW Ultra HD Smart PTZ dome provides many industry-leading benefits, including Ultra HD 4K image detail in real time (30fps), Defog capability to improve imaging in foggy conditions, advanced Smart Suite analytics, and Smart Tracking. The onboard VCA (Video Content Analysis) includes line cross, intrusion, region entrance and exit, and can send immediate alerts or trigger recordings when events occur. Region of Interest encoding increases the camera’s efficiency and can reduce storage and bandwidth requirements, making this camera as useful as it is cutting-edge.

Specialty Camera Solutions

Specialty Camera Solutions are part of Hikvision’s Smart Pro series. Intended to bring advanced technological capabilities, these specialized camera systems offer more options for end users and more business opportunities for customers -- whether it is a coastline or food processing site, an airport or highway, a solar farm or critical infrastructure. The specialty line also features advanced analytics and all of the smart essentials Hikvision customers have come to expect.

Thermal Camera Systems

Hikvision's Thermal Network Camera systems are designed for critical low-light applications, including high-security perimeters. These systems feature advanced analytics such as line cross, intrusion detection, region entrance and exit, temperature exception alarms, and advanced fire detection.

Blazer Express and HikCentral

Blazer Express
A new, intelligent video management station, Blazer focuses on managing Hikvision IP cameras with the following key features:

  • Windows-based NVR with the operating system on an SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • 16- or 32-camera options with 16 built-in POE inputs for IP cameras, and up to 24 TB of onboard storage
  • Central management, with live view and playback from up to 15 remote NVRs or Blazers
  • Powerful Client Station with video analytic searches and POS integration

HikCentral is a Central Management Software (CMS) pre-loaded on a Windows-based server. Designed for central management of distributed sites or a large pool of cameras recording on Hikvision’s NVRs, DVRs and CVRs, HikCentral offers:

  • Seamless management of 3,000 cameras per CMS
  • Remote Server Manager (RSM) which can be added to 100k+ cameras
  • Advanced user management including Active Directory Integration
  • Advanced event and alarm management (Video Analytics, POS, and more)
  • Health monitoring on all connected devices

Value Plus Solutions

H.265+ Cameras

The Value Plus series include the H.265+, a new line of cameras featuring advanced compression technology that captures surveillance videos using a decreased bitrate, which reduces bandwidth requirements and storage costs.

The H.265+ is a truly optimized encoding technology based on the standard H.265/HEVC compression, extending the limits of ultra HD video surveillance applications. This new line of cameras includes 2-, 3-, 5-, and 8-MP resolution models. Also new is the improved IR technology EXIR 2.0 along with new low-light technology, 120 dB WDR, smart analytics, and IP67 protection.

Value Solutions

New 4-inch Indoor/Outdoor Value Series PTZ Domes

The DS-2DE4A Series of indoor/outdoor PTZ domes are a new breed of Value Series cameras designed to be as powerful as they are versatile. Featuring 2 MP and 3 MP models with 20x zoom lens and 50 meter IR capability, these cameras will provide protection in and around areas that are challenged by lighting conditions and require a discreet presence. Perfect for building entrances, these cameras feature an in-ceiling mount option and IP66 environmental ratings to deliver superior performance in a compact package.

The first series of complete recorder and camera kits for single-site applications, IP Kits contain a recorder and multiple cameras in a single box, suitable for DIY applications like a residence or a small business. These kits include 4 and 8 channel recorders along with 4 and 6 cameras, respectively.

The first series of complete recorder and camera kits for single-site application, the TurboHD™ Kits contain a recorder and multiple cameras in a single box, suitable for DIY applications like a residence or a small business. These kits include 4 and 8 channel recorders along with 4 and 6 cameras, respectively.

Based on HD-TVI technology, Hikvision’s TurboHD™ products provide high-definition (HD) video over coaxial cable at distances of up to 1,500 feet. Specially designed for analog users who want a high-definition surveillance system, this line allows users to enjoy HD videos without upgrading to IP or even replacing their existing cabling structures.

Providing impressive image quality, the camera line offers incredibly durable, vandal-proof products with features such as OSD menu via Up-the-Coax (UTC), EXIR illumination, motorized zoom and focus, and 120 dB WDR. The TurboHD™ Plug and Play DVR products offer several models scaled for small- to medium-sized businesses with 4 to 32 channels.

All TurboHD™ DVRs are tribrid -- a true revolution in the professional surveillance market -- supporting traditional analog (CVBS), HD-TVI, and IP cameras. Thanks to auto-sensing technology, installation is a breeze. These DVR products also provide H.264 and Hikvision’s unique H.264+ video compression, and up to 48 TB of recording space.

Tribrid DVRs

The new DS-7200HUI-Kx Series of TurboHD™ DVRs supports all the new 5 MP TurboHD™ cameras in models with 4, 8 and 16 channel inputs. Now, razor sharp images at 2592x1944 resolution can be displayed and recorded with HD quality. These tribrid DVRs can auto-detect a standard analog (CVBS), HD-TVI camera, and an IP camera input of up to 6 MP. They also support Hikvision’s unique H.265+ video compression, and they include great features ranging from front panel controls to real-time recording and a 16 TB internal recording capability.

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