Remote Access

Seamlessly and securely access your organization’s network, applications and desktops from anywhere.

To enhance your organization’s mobility and productivity, Jomar’s Remote Access solution provides instant and secure access to your critical business applications and data from anywhere and any internet-enabled device.

Our Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) provides seamless virtual desktops, applications, and files through VDI and RDSH in on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud deployments.

Jomar’s Remote Access solution offers numerous benefits including:

  • Enhanced mobility and BYOD - use any device to securely access your applications, desktops, and internet-enabled devices from wherever you are
  • Optimized user experience - get the best possible experience over any network connection
  • Maintain security and compliance - enjoy peace of mind with a secure-by-design architecture that keeps your data, applications, and desktops protected and compliant to regulations