Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC)

Never worry about buying servers or hard drives again. We can create, provision, and deploy virtual servers and desktops for you in mere minutes.

For small- and medium-sized businesses that want access to their own IT infrastructure but don’t want to spend millions of dollars in capital, Jomar’s Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC) infrastructure is your best choice.

Our vPDC solution provides on-demand computing, storage and networking, as well as operating systems and applications -- all of which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

Jomar can also install a new infrastructure to support your business operations while you pay only for the resources you use. Moreover, instead of buying or renting space in an expensive data center, you essentially rent space in our virtual data center.

Jomar’s Virtual Private Data Center infrastructure offers a myriad of cloud and virtualization services, including:

  • Virtual Servers - provision and deploy virtual servers with practically unlimited resource availability in minutes
  • Voice over IP - accredited voice optimized network supports telephony applications you choose to build
  • Virtual Desktops - eliminate capital expenditures and increase efficiency with hosted virtual desktops
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery - avoid downtime and secure mission critical data with included off-site file level backup
  • Remote Management - easily manage vPDC infrastructure remotely, anytime and anywhere
  • Application Hosting - host your applications within a vPDC solution and turn hardware worries into a thing of the past
  • vPDC Hardware Infrastructure - our data centers are highly redundant and high-performing
  • Security - all servers and data are stored in multiple SAS-70 certified data centers for maximum security and regulatory compliance
  • Availability - the vPDC platform is connected through multiple Tier 1 internet backbones, which affords you a fully redundant system running at 99.99% uptime