Microsoft SaaS Solutions

Get the technology to support your business without overspending. Our SaaS will allow you to rent your software rather than spend thousands of dollars to buy it.

Advanced software gives your small- or medium-sized business (SMB) an edge; however, purchasing the license and hosting all the applications your business needs can be expensive.

With Jomar’s Microsoft SaaS Solutions, we can host the applications for your and you pay us as you go. This service allows you to avoid prohibitive upfront costs and software licensing fees.

Using cloud SaaS is suitable for different types of situations. Examples are when the software is needed only for a short-term period; the software demand spikes significantly once a month, as in the case of tax and billing applications; the software is significantly used by your business for web and mobile access, as in the case of mobile sales management software; or the software is needed by your organization to communicate with the outside world, as in the case of email newsletter campaign software.

If you’d like to know more about our Microsoft SaaS Solutions, and if this service is what your business needs, get in touch with Jomar to schedule a free consultation.

The benefits of using Jomar Microsoft SaaS Solutions are numerous:

  • No additional hardware costs - we supply the processing power required to run your applications
  • No initial setup costs - once you subscribe to our service, the applications will be ready for use
  • Pay for what you use - only pay for the time period you will be using the software and halt subscription any time
  • Usage is scalable - access additional storage or services on demand without needing to install new software or hardware
  • Updates are automated - updates are often free of charge and will be automatically deployed by us
  • Cross device compatibility - SaaS applications can be accessed via different internet-enabled devices
  • Accessible from any location - your applications can be accessed from anywhere with reliable internet connection
  • Applications can be customized and white-labelled - some software can be altered to suit your organization’s needs and branding